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Interlock Modular Series
The most versatile unit in the
Interlock System, the Modular Series
is used to build main stages, catwalks
and seating systems in any environment.

Interlock Riser Series
The Riser Series is a light-weight,
quick-fit stage system ideal for small
stages, podiums, drum risers,
catwalks and choir risers.

Interlock Long Truss Series
The Long Truss Series is a new concept
in modular staging design. Available
in flat stage or tiered seating format,
we believe it to be the fastest and
most stable all-terrain modular
staging system available.

Mobile Storage Units
Mobile Storage Units are available for
all Interlock products.
Each unit is custom made to
accommodate your equipment
and make efficient use of storage space
as well as protecting your Interlock Stage.

L to R: Aluminium profile & Interlocking Decking; Storage; Bridging Decks and Accessories.


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