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Interlock Pavilions utilise a Two Channel Rectangular Aluminium Extrusion with a structural rating of 6061 T6, measuring 90mm x 50mm with a wall thickness of 3mm, used for both the Leg Upright and Main Rafters of the Pavilion and extend in 3 metre bay sections. The fabric is welded to a Keder Track which slides through the ‘C’ Channel section of the xtrusionguaranteeing a water tight Pavilion. Eave and Ridge Knuckles are made from galvanised rectangular steel which sleeve the Leg and Rafter. The Pavilion is secured to the foundation by a 25mm x 800mm Steel Stake that is placed through the Base Plate.

top: Ridge Knuckle
above: Leg & Rafter Knuckle

No nuts or bolts are required, as Interlock
Pavilions simply snap together quickly and safely.

These Pavilions utilise a Four Channel Rectangular Aluminium Extrusion with a structural rating of 6061 T6. This Extrusion measures 202mm x 124mm, with a 3mm thick wall and is used for Leg Uprights and Main Rafters. 15m, 20m and 25m frames extend in length in 5m bays.

Base Plate

Fabric components are welded to a Keder
Track that is fed through the ‘C’ Channel on
the Extrusion, guaranteeing a watertight enclosure.
Tension Straps are used on both ends of the
Roof Fabric to assure a smooth and taught surface.


The Pavilion is braced by 10mm Cables with Turnbuckles for both roof and wall sections (see diagrams below). Leg Uprights and Rafters are locked together with the patented Interlock Locking Device. Rafters are secured at the apex with a galvanised Steel Ridge Connector that sleeves both Rafters and is held together with four Gravity Pins. The Pavilion is secured to the ground by 25mm x 800mm Steel Stakes, which
are passed through each Base Plate.

L to R: Leg and Rafter (Exterior); Base Plate/Bracing Cable; Rafter indicating gable up-right; Leg and Rafter (Interior)


Disclaimer: *Hoecker is used by Interlock Pavilions in good faith so as to indicate the nature and purpose of Interlock Pavilions extrusions and all parts being totally compatible accessories to certain 'Hoecker' goods. The use of 'Hoecker' is in no way intended to represent that the goods of Interlock Pavilions are in any way manufactured, approved or recommended by or have any connection in any way whatsoever with, except as compatible components of, the goods of 'Hoecker' Structures (Australia) Pty Ltd. Site design by TCN The Communications Network.