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Tension Membrane Structures

Interlock Pagodas feature:
• Structures can be joined together
• Self standing
• Lightweight construction
• Fast to erect
• Easy wind up Roof Tension Device
• Easy Slide in Valance of your colour choice
• Walls are supported top and bottom by Walling Bars (just like a structure)
• Arch and Clear Walls also available
• No bolts required
• Display your logo at no extra charge


Disclaimer: *Hoecker is used by Interlock Pavilions in good faith so as to indicate the nature and purpose of Interlock Pavilions extrusions and all parts being totally compatible accessories to certain 'Hoecker' goods. The use of 'Hoecker' is in no way intended to represent that the goods of Interlock Pavilions are in any way manufactured, approved or recommended by or have any connection in any way whatsoever with, except as compatible components of, the goods of 'Hoecker' Structures (Australia) Pty Ltd. Site design by TCN The Communications Network.