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Parts Fabrication
This division was established to provide our clients with a total componentry service. Whatever your requirements, we can provide a fast and cost effective service.

Fabric Manufacturing
We are able to provide Fabrics for your new and existing Structures and Marquees. Our high quality PVC Fabrics are available in a range of styles and colours to suit your needs at very competitive prices.

L to R: Base Plates, 'P' Series Ridge Inserts, 'F' Series Ridge Inserts.

Roof and Walling Cables, Assorted Parts and 'F' Series Leg Rafter Locking Device.



L: Extrusions used for 3 metre through to 25 metre Structures.
R: Peg Pullers and Base Plates.


Disclaimer: *Hoecker is used by Interlock Pavilions in good faith so as to indicate the nature and purpose of Interlock Pavilions extrusions and all parts being totally compatible accessories to certain 'Hoecker' goods. The use of 'Hoecker' is in no way intended to represent that the goods of Interlock Pavilions are in any way manufactured, approved or recommended by or have any connection in any way whatsoever with, except as compatible components of, the goods of 'Hoecker' Structures (Australia) Pty Ltd. Site design by TCN The Communications Network.